The Internalization Of Mässy

by Mässy Recordings

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Mässy Recording Skweee-compilation compiled by the label founder Spartan Lover. Release in may 2010.

"The Internalization of Mässy" includes 13 previously unreleased tracks and a remix. It's a compilation that gives us a worldwide vision of skweee at the moment. It brings all the different ways of skweee together in a unique way. The tracks are tied together with the feeling they share, beyond the similarites found in technic or rhythm. These musicians do not underestimate their listeners. Everything you hear is created without trying to give the listeners what they think they want – instead of that the record offers a possibility to use one's whole capacity of receiving.

As a phenomenon, Skweee has grown steadily and reached wider audiences, new labels are popping out, more promising artists infuencing the whole feld of eletronic music. In terms of music, getting global has made skweee more diverse. You can also hear how these artists take ideas from eachother and then develope it in different directions.You can feel the stadionsize synthesis of Mother North, Drum machinery of Jyrkkä Pajulaakso and Spartan Lovers rugged touch, which has that something to turn on every living creature.

Some of these tracks are easier to get into, but there's stuff you can listen to on and on, repeating for days, and still fnd yourself catching new ways of thinking about that musical piece. There's enough texture to get you hooked and enough interesting stuff to fnd beyond that, to keep you hooked. This Mässy has the ability to bring hating neighbours together and give them the possibility to forgive and forget, and most important, share it's positive vibe and ride the rhythm like never before.

The vinyl 7" single may be the preferred format for the damaged DIY Scandinavian electro funk music called skweee that we love so much here at AQ, or at least, we've certainly seen a lot of 7" skweee releases come through here recently. But actually, when we're listening to skweee, we don't want to stop (to get up and flip the record, y'know). So a compact disc mix is much more OUR preferred skweee format. And that's what we have here. In the tradition of other skweee cd comps like The Museum Of Future Sound (vols. 1 & 2) and Skweee Tooth, comes The Internalization Of Massy, a mix on the Helsinki label Massy, put together by skweee artist Spartan Lover. He's on here, along with some others we know (the great Randy Barracuda among 'em, with an effervescent cut called "Sex People") and many more we don't. 14 tracks, 12 artists, 49 minutes. Glitchin' and poppin', slippin' and slidin', there's a wide range of skweee happenin' here. To mention just some of it specifically, well... The mellow woozy zink-zonk of "Bjhbj Nkknkn Kl" by Coco Bryce is quite pleasant and vaguely suggestive of some sort of mechanical accordion music. Boston's Stickem drops some haunted bass on "Hoi Poloi". Compiler Spartan Lover contributes an edit of "Silk Smooth Skin" that's got a nice layer of distortion on it, a real fuzzy sheen. Motem's track "Unexact" has some quasi rap vocals, generally a rarity in the mostly instrumental world of skweee. Hybakusha turns in a nicely disjointed groove called "The Number Of The Glitch". Whereas both Mother North and Beatbully go a more shimmery disco-friendly route, we could almost imagine their tracks coming from Italians Do It Better, or on one of those Milky Disco comps. Much darker and creepier is Jyrkka Pajulasskso's "Twisted Bar Game". And even more messed up (but still groovy) is the flutter-stutter and frog-like croak of V.C.'s "Jello On Springs", which appears to be a Mesak remix. And that's not all. So, if you like skweee, or think you might like skweee, this disc is quite recommended.

We've noticed that most skweee releases tend towards minimal art/packaging, and this is no exception, the disc coming in a cardboard sleeve with a simple but nice graphic of waves and a shark fin.



released May 15, 2010



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Mässy Recordings Finland

Mässy Recordings is an independent music label from Helsinki, Finland. Main focus on Skweee and future boogie music.

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